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2004: Discovery of the true origins of money.
Michael Tellinger discovers the true origins of money while researching the origins of humankind for his book “Slave Species of god” (Slave Species of the Gods). He realises that money did not evolve from thousands of years of barter and trade as we are told, but rather, that money was introduced to humanity by the first Priest Kings, who mysterious appeared on Earth out of the blue – between 6,000 – 10,000 years ago. The Sumerian Kings Lists clay tablets, very clearly describe the time when “Kingdom was lowered to Earth from Heaven” the first Priest Kings were appointed by the gods – to rule over humanity. This is where we find the origins of the first Royal Bloodlines, who still control the world today. These first Kings were given fierce weapons of mass destruction by the gods to control humanity and “smite” the disobedient humans if they did not comply with the LAWS of the royalty.
These first kings suddenly owned all the land, had treaties between themselves, created the first LAWS, and build their large palaces called TEMPLES. These temples became the first BANKS from where the KINGS started to issue the first money in the form of clay tablets. People were asked to bring in their silver and gold, and exchange it for Clay Tablets as a form of a Bill of Exchange; Promissory Note or Cheque. These were the very first “liquid negotiable instruments” that worked in exactly the same way that our modern banking works today. The royalty simply created money out of thin air, the way our banks create money today, and in this way stole all the silver and gold from the people. The same way that banks steal all the physical assets from the people today which is taken as collateral when people take loans from banks. Michael realises that money was introduced as a complete well-designed tool of enslavement over the people of the world.