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We are changing the format of the radio show to better serve. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we take time to make these changes.

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Please bare with us as Ubuntu moves to a format that broadens our audience listening experience. This move is a positive move that will create a wider range for our radio show but due to this change we will not hold circle this week. We hope to be fully active soon and our aim is to broadcast a new show by August 11. Stay tuned for new changes as we move into the future of Planet Ubuntu Talk Broadcasting.

In Unity - Ubuntu Staff Members

Ubuntu Planet - Unity within Community Radio Show


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This week's Topic:  No Show This Week

Links to recordings of Previous Shows

07/21/2017     Click to LISTEN

07/14/2017     Click to LISTEN         Lynette Ludwig is a Bioenergetics Worker dogvinity.com and 

                                                           Al Wadleigh, Feldenkris Practioner achievingexcellence.com

07/07/2017     Click to LISTEN         Gloriana Fontaine Lead Graphic Designer for Ubuntu Planet USA

                                                           Pauline Ludwig, Ubuntu Planet USA Contributor Extraordinaire

06/30/2017     Click to LISTEN         Josh Walters & Eve Schatz, Esq.

06/23/2017     Link Coming Soon

06/16/2017     Click to LISTEN         Kim Braman - Agriculture Ambassador

06/09/2017     Click to LISTEN         Brandon Shalton & Brennan Morgan - Ubuntu Innovations

06/02/2017     Click to LISTEN         Travis, Branson, Nichola and Brendan

05/19/2017     Click to LISTEN         Josh Hale & Kara Shepard, Washington Regional Coordinators and

                                                                Ananda Reeves, Oregon Regional Coordinator

05/12/2017     Click to LISTEN         Trygve Peterson, Free Energy Advisor, UbuntuPlanetUSA, MN &

                                                                David Montané, UbuntuPlanetUSA Political Ambassador

05/05/2017     Click to LISTEN         Ed Becnel, UbuntuPlanetUSA Science Technology Ambassador

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Start Date: July 14, 2017
Start Time: 2:00 p.m.
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