In the United States of America, we have been entrained to believe in hard work, science, and the power of money. Consequently we have turned our backs to the power of consciousness, unity, and our inner guidance. And, because our attention has been drawn away from the very things that could liberate us, we have endured lives of separation, conflict, insecurity, and lack. Led by the systems that control our media, government, and educational system, we have turned against each other. We seek domination, success, and salvation in money, which has left us with great emptiness, fear, and lack of fulfillment. We cannot thrive or survive in an environment such as this.

As our consciousness awakens, the dominant paradigm, which projects messages of fear and dominance, come into question. Social programming, media, and hierarchy no longer resonate as we move into a heart-centered awareness of the truth. We now see the illusions of our supposed divisions and begin to embrace the interconnection of all life. We seek solace in practices connecting us to the Source within, Mother Earth, and each other. Yet still, many drudge through their day, awake and aware of the truths of the world, feeling shackled by the systems of fear and oppression entangling humanity. As the angst mounts, a strong desire for freedom, abundance, truth, and unity emerges. Even those who lack a conscious spiritual connection realize that there is something drastically wrong with the way we are living.

The question then arises: How do we dissolve this illusion of slavery to create a life of freedom, unification, and abundance for all? The answer is: Ubuntu! The Ubuntu movement is rapidly rising and permeating the collective consciousness. It is a movement founded in Unity Consciousness that provides a framework for freedom, equality, and abundance for all humanity. Based on ancient tribal structures of the African people, Ubuntu functions through the individual pursuit of passion and Contributionism – where everyone contributes to the wellbeing of the entire community.

It encourages movement away from a money-driven society, to a society driven by people’s passion for life, their natural talents, or acquired skills, which then benefit everyone in the community. In 2013, Michael Tellinger released his book, “UBUNTU Contributionism: A Blueprint For Human Prosperity.” Tellinger provides a clear and articulate summary of the global systems of control plaguing humanity. He also provides step-by-step guidelines for creating communities of abundance rooted in the UBUNTU philosophy.

Guided by Michael Tellinger, we are working quickly and diligently to assemble a team of individuals with a shared vision for unity and abundance in the USA. Starting with the Native American tribes of our country, UBUNTU USA intends to facilitate the implementation of Ubuntu, one community at a time until all who desire are free to live a life of joy, passion, connection, and fulfillment. We are also working to establish a political party and will host multiple events in 2017.

UBUNTU USA advocates a return to the Earth and individual sovereignty as a way of sustainable living without money. Caring deeply about each other, the planet, our heritage, and now the importance of sharing this vision with the world, we facilitate a new paradigm for a prosperous Earth.

We are the patrons of beautiful planet Earth, and the only ones who can save her. Let us come together, united by our human interconnection to create Heaven on Earth for all sentient life. Please co-create with UBUNTU USA by visualizing the manifestation of this abundant reality, sharing your passion, or spreading the knowledge. To find out more about UBUNTU in the United States or to join the movement please contact us.

We can no longer wait for the systems that enslave us to save us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and the time is now.

In Resonance & Unity,

Starr MacKinnon, PhD

Executive Director

“None are more enslaved than those who believe they are free.” ~ Goethe